Attosecond dynamics of highly-excited electrons in solids

报告题目: Attosecond dynamics of highly-excited electrons in solids

报 告 人:陈聪 博士            
          JILA/University of Colorado

时   间 : 2017年1月13日下午16:30-17:30

地   点 : 厦门大学化四112

陈聪,南京大学物理系06级本科生,博士在JILA/University of Colorado国际顶级超快光学课题组Kapteyn-Murnane group从事EUV/X-ray超快光学和材料表面科学研究。博士期间搭建了一套(tabletop)在阿秒量级上分辨电子能量和自旋的超快光电子能谱仪器。在材料方面,主要研究方向为飞秒以及阿秒尺度上的电子输运,退磁和材料相变过程。深入研究了高激发态下的电子寿命和阿秒尺度下的电子强关联作用。在光学方面,建立了一套测量三维阿秒光场的方法并成功应用于分辨椭圆偏振的高次谐波。

The photoelectric effect represents a fundamental quantized light-matter interaction that has been harnessed to map the band structure of materials with stunning detail. Combing photoemission spectroscopy with attosecond EUV pulses generated by high-order harmonic generation can directly visualize the fastest electron dynamics in material systems. Here, we use attosecond pulse trains to directly measure the photoelectron lifetimes in solids. We observe a strong influence of material band structure on the measured lifetimes, which reveal attosecond-timescale electron screening and scattering. This talk also highlights the extension of current attosecond metrology techniques to circularly polarized light, which represents one of the most complex coherent light fields produced to date. These new capabilities of capturing the fleeting dance of electrons and photons in the atomic length and attosecond time scale shows promise for next-generation electronics, data and light-harvesting devices.



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